This counts because it’s words.

Anything can count if it’s somewhat understandable…

But then, should it count

if one goes back, months later

(or years later)

and can’t make any sense of what is written?


Should the words count,

when they don’t seem to impart wisdom

or evoke emotion

or do anything at all,

besides betray the utter barrenness

of the writer’s thoughts at the time?


Should days like this count,

when it’s hard to say whether

anything has truly been accomplished?


Food was bought, clothes were purchased,

flowers arranged, salad prepared

and eaten.


But the food usually never gets cooked

and none of the clothes fit properly,

and the flowers were half-dead already,

and the salad wasn’t satisfying at all.


So does any of it count,

when it all feels so moot?


I wish it did, but I’m not sure it does.

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