Ah, to wake up with the sun,

peacefully brew some hot tea

(Earl Grey)

and pull out that day’s crossword.


(this morning the alarm woke me up after the fifth snooze)


Oh, that dappled light hitting the plants,

steam from the tea swirling through the rays

and Irish oats,

made with maple syrup and pecans.


(this morning’s breakfast was a sticky banana at my desk)


There’s such joy in rising before

the rest of the house –

time for contemplation and time for oneself

as the morning radio plays.


(this morning I forgot to even say “Good morning!” to my roommate)


Lunch is packed, teeth brushed

and bag packed.

Despite the cold air, the

walk to work is rejuvenating.


(this morning I calculated that I save 8 minutes by driving)


God is someone or something you don’t care to know,

but there is a moment

with the tea to your lips and crossword before you,

that you breathe, in and out, with a reverent peace.


(this morning I said JESUS CHRIST many times while trying to get a brush through my hair)


Books aren’t finished in the morning,

they are finished in the dead of night,

when only the dreamers know

inspiration is most alive.


(this morning I had tea at my desk with mid-morning light)

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