I’m having trouble concentrating on writing creatively until I jot down how today has made me feel, which is as follows:

Resuscitate /rəˈsəsəˌtāt/ verb 1. to revive (someone) from unconsciousness or apparent death 2. make (something such as an idea or enterprise) active or vigorous again Continue reading “Resuscitation”

Regret and Empathy

Original publish date: November 10 on Medium.

Like most liberals today, I am dealing with a lot of emotions. I’ve felt shock, fear, anguish, and fury (to name a few). I’ve accepted that this is not a nightmare, and that I will not wake up on the morning of November 8th thanking every higher power out there that it didn’t really happen and that Election Day will unfold as everyone said it would, with Hillary Rodham Clinton elected as America’s first female president. That’s been my dream since I was 15, and I cannot begin to express how much it hurts having it denied. Continue reading “Regret and Empathy”